Take a Look Around the World.  Chapter 1 – A Little Introduction

Take a Look Around the World. Chapter 1 – A Little Introduction

Here I am… Writing a memoir about the greatest experiences of my life. Maybe you are wondering who I am. My name is Stella, and as for my occupation, I can say I am a traveller. But not a usual traveller who goes around the world to take some nice pictures and relax. Oh, no. I went on missions, to look around and observe several places from different continents, to point out the extreme differences and analyze their cleanness. 

You, my dear reader, may think what an easy occupation, but in reality, it was quite exhausting, but still it had its sparkle to keep me excited at all times. However, after finishing my missions, I have time to expose my observations and tell my story to the world, because there is so much to tell you I don’t even know where to start.

It all started years ago, I was a trained artist, but I couldn’t finish my studies because at some point it became too much. Me, who was trained to appreciate nature to the fullest to a point that I felt I am part of it, made it hard for me to live where people did not even consider caring to keep clean and safe our Earth. That was the point where I decided to move to the countryside. I was dwelling in a small town in Japan connected so strongly to nature and traditional ways of living. Imagine a place where famous Japanese poets wrote their haikus or artists roamed on the streets seeking inspiration or a stressed-out businessperson wondered to get closer to their inner peace.

Imagine de Davy M de la Pixabay

The air was so pure and fresh, no waste was made, everything was recycled or reused, which is quite funny knowing the fact that Japan is famous for their wasteful packaging methods, but in remote places where I came from this was never a problem. You see, a country can have such diverse faces, that sometimes I am wondering how still these overpowering characteristics do not overlap sometimes. 

So all this put me to think and wonder if here this can happen, maybe it is present in other places as well? To get an answer to my question, I thought about setting on an adventure around the world and visit as many places as possible to explore and try to come up with solutions. To set on my new mission I packed up a suitcase and drove directly to the airport and buy a ticket to a plane which leaves on the same day. As you could observe, it was rather quite a random trip, but that gave the real trills of excitement.

Now, dear reader, after I drew your attention we can set out together to new places and get to know them better. But where was my plane taking me? Stick with me and soon you will find out, however, I can give you a little hint: it is quite exotic and rich in fragrances as soon as you step on the streets.

Photo by MichaelGaida on Pixabay

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