Take a Look Around the World Chapter 3 – They Complete Each Other

Take a Look Around the World Chapter 3 – They Complete Each Other

– Stella! What a surprise! – stopped me, Ibrahim, in the middle of the airport.

Now, my dear reader, you might wonder who he is.  I met Ibrahim on one of my wanderings in the city, he helped me out not to get lost, also he became a good friend of mine.  I was surprised by his presence, however, it was good to see him, he might help me to sort out my thoughts.

– Ibrahim! Good to see you! – I said happily.
– How did you find Marrakesh?
– It was great. But… But I have a range of feelings coming and going in me. – I admitted.
– What do you mean by that?
– On the one hand, it was amazing, how eco-friendly and clean was the new part of the city, how modern were the sky-scrapers. The people felt quite sincere and helpful. It created a perfect portrait of the modern world, which can be so grandiose on the outside. However, it is just for the richer side, which is westernized. Whereas, the beating heart of the city is a living creature in itself, but the people do not live in the best conditions, also, that part is everything but not the cleanest. However, they do live organic for sure! They buy everything from the local shops or they grow it themselves, they are not westernized, nor globalized. The sweets and beauty/hygiene products were all organic… I just have a big mess in my head at the moment.
– Hmm… – said Ibrahim thinking what shall he answer. – I think you know the answer.  The two parts deep inside are the same in a way, both trying to protect the environment. But if you ask me, they complete each other.
– Yes! That’s it! – I screamed in my enlightenment.

After my realization, I sat down smiling. He did have a point there, which for a moment gave me peace at heart. It was bad from my side that I wanted to take apart the city because we are talking about one big living thing. I should have seen it as a whole picture as well. One part takes care of the recycling and cleanness, less plastic, whereas the other one lives a more organic life. But wouldn’t it be better if they, or we, could do it as a whole?

– Ibrahim! I have a question, related to those bags made out of material… It is quite impressive to see those instead of the ugly plastic bags. But, could I get some more information about them? How did their implementation in use happen?
– Happily I can tell you this. So, around 2016 environmentalists came up with a law of banning all plastic bags, which, as you could observe, was implemented. It was a hard fight, because smuggling plastic bags on the back market became in fashion, plastic bags cost much less, as you know as well. However, they managed to get rid of plastic bags in order to crack down on carbon emissions.
– Wow! That impressive, indeed! You must be proud of your country doing so. – responded amazed by his explanation.
– Wait. The best part is just yet to come! As I said, we somehow achieved something, because Morocco was marked one of the world’s greenest countries, beside Bhutan, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. What else can I say? We do what we can.

I was looking at him all smiling. His news delighted my day. Such realizations! I was taken aback. Also, it made me think, why do other countries not proceed just like Morocco did?

– I am so delighted seeing you smiling. – said Ibrahim. – When does your plane leave?
– Soon. – I said after checking the time. – I think I should go now. It was nice seeing you! Take care and have a safe flight! – I said standing up.
– Dear passengers. The flight going to…
– Take care! – said at the same time as the announcer Ibrahim hugging me.
– … leave soon. The flight’s passengers are asked to come to gate C21.

I was taking off again, to another place, on another adventure…

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