Take a Look Around the World Chapter 6 – Where Life  Might Take Me

Take a Look Around the World Chapter 6 – Where Life Might Take Me

Aarhus. THE Business Academy Aarhus accepted my application. This was all that my mind was capable of while landing in France, Paris (little theme change, dear Reader, if I am already destined to attend a university in Europe, I might as well get used to the lifestyle as soon as possible). All my life I was dreaming about going to Denmark, and with my acceptance, I am a step closer to pursuing that dream. But for now, let’s focus on my task: to mine up all the treasure in France! 

Leaving the airport a great friend of mine, Xavier was waiting for me outside as my host and to lead me through the maze, because the immense number of cars here was insane and, in a way, quite disturbing. Cars over cars and cars and more cars. The traffic jam was just way too much, for that reason Xavier proposed that while sightseeing it is a wiser choice to rent a bicycle (every corner has rentable ones) or going with the tram (the tram lines are one of the best in Europe, they get you everywhere in no time).

While lingering my eyes on the sights, something rather new caught my attention. It was a bus, it might have looked like a normal one, however, on the sides with bold font “Bio-Bus” was written.

“What’s that?” asked I pointing towards the bus going right next to us.

“Oh, that…” said Xavier giggling. “A Bio-Bus. They are fueled by biomethane, which is derived from recycled organic waste. So far Paris owns around 400 something buses like that. It is part of their environmental project; it reduces noise pollution, improves the air quality, and above all it has major environmental benefits.”

“Impressive,” said I totally mesmerized still analyzing the bus from afar. I was truly taken aback by their significant steps into a better future, although seeing all these cars made me worry, but I better look towards the future in a brighter light. We must hope, we must.

“Yeah… We got used to them by now. Other major capitals joined the idea of revolutionizing their public transportation. We also have quite a number of electric buses. ” said he smiling proudly. “We try to combat pollution as best as we can,” continued he “However, we face other problems like the grand construction industry problems, as you see, Paris is a still-evolving metropolitan. Anyhow, the urban metabolism is in progress to get better.”

“What is the urban metabolism?” asked I curiously. 

“Oh, have you never hear of this before?” was showing surprise my new companion.

“Never,” said I biting my lip in shame.

“Then let me introduce you to this study. Urban metabolism is basically a flow; actually, it embraces two types of flows: outgoing and incoming, which have a grand impact on the environment and on the economy. For instance, the extraction of materials, loss of economic value of waste leaving the territory without being recovered, and atmospheric emissions.” sounded his explanation to open my eyes much wider.

In the afternoon, Xavier took me to one of his favorite places, to the Notre-Dame and its neighborhood. Dear Reader, don’t get me wrong, I aspire to be surrounded by art, however, the Cathedral did not steal my heart, but the Point-Zero definitely did. It’s actually a metal plate on the ground right in front of the Cathedral representing the ‘middle’ of Paris. It was the place which in the old times was thought to be magical, a special step to take and make a wish. I made a wish myself, too, just to make sure that my, our mission succeed.

The neighborhood was truly an experience, due to the fact that I was witnessing the street fairs, the french vintage stands, and how they appreciate to sell and buy second-hand books, objects, or even clothes. It is, indeed true the saying that one’s trash is another’s treasure. A great example of this the circular economy in small, but lately a crucial part of this fast fashion world. Walking through those mesmerizing streets and parks hold my heart thigh, walking by old boutiques and antiquaries, made me realize that they really try to reuse the old, make it even fashionable. 

“It’s so nice here!” claimed I. “I’m glad that my first impression did not spoil the whole experience!”

“And, yet, you got just a glimpse of this roaming metropolis!”

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