Wasterminator, the hero among us – Travel in time (Chapter I)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – Travel in time (Chapter I)

“Is there a shared self? A Universal knowledge that could be found in every human being? Wasterminator is a human-hero with fears, qualities, and defects. Through definition, it’s me, you, and the rest of the world.”

Many believe that space is infinite, where everything begins, however, no one knows its end. Basically, this is the place where nothing gets lost, but shall be printed into existence. Actually, it’s not like that. Living here, space is always the same, looks even limiting.

In less than 30 minutes, I will go to wear the seal of bravery in a world where humans need it. I was assigned to become the Hero of Nature and Environment. It does not resemble what our great-great-grandparents did, however, I’ll be among humans! Is it tough to live among humans?

I’ll miss watching how stars are born…in a period of thousands of light-years. I’ll also miss losing the fired star, after throwing it to the neighboring spaceship, thus to the fact that we were not allowed to find out their code so we waited until the star installed itself and took them to sleep. But, there is no rest, nor time.

Looking into space, I realize that I am the luckiest from the gang; the chosen hero to save a part of humanity, who must bear many fine qualities, which I am not sure yet if I carry, but we’ll find out together.

The environment contains an infinite number of chances, something we own as well, but we are not aware of it yet. Collecting, recycling, transforming waste into a virtuous art was my purpose; now, all of this lies under my sign.

“To Earth!”, cried out the voice who would lead me from the Hero’s Planet to Your World. My body is filled with fear and emotions which were strangling me, but I’m a hero and I must succeed. 

That’s what heroes do, right?!

My name is Wasterminator and together we’ll set off on this journey to save you!

The journey towards a planet rooted in all kinds of emotions was… soaked with fear and, of course, emotions. When I left, my mother told me to follow my instincts; I was wondering if she thinks that I’m righteous? If my mother raised an anti-hero?

When the spaceship landed, the human-air (slightly polluted) hit me in the face. My impression, for someone coming from a different dimension, was that humans hurt their nature, their home; as if you would hurt your soul with an inauspicious desire to re-invent yourself, that would be the same with the environment.

So, does the adventure start here? While advancing I come across a group of kids, who…

Translated by Alexandra Nagy

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