Wasterminator, the hero among us – Everything is different here (Chapter II)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – Everything is different here (Chapter II)

The selective collection of waste packaging

*The world has … something, which is hard to define, moreover, to even face it to get closer to the unknown. Sometimes, it appears that it wants to embrace you, other times it tears you apart, and at the end to collect you or spread you.*

Is my world different, or I am wrong? Theoretically, everything is simple, it runs smoothly, but the reality it runs into me. I came close to this group, who are not so children, but teenagers; they reminded me of my childhood in space. Although, I’ve arrived a couple of hours ago… I feel as if years passed by… me as a hero, me as a child… Stop Wasterminator, stop. Wake up!

I am not sure what these teenagers want to do, so I come closer.


“Oh, you scared us! Hello to you, too!”

“My name is Wasterminator! What’s up?”

“I’m Fearless,” responds the shortest boy from the group; he has reddish hair and green eyes. Analyzing them I realize, that humans are unique, from the inside out. “And, he’s Ice-Cream, because he hates ice-cream, and he’s Shary.”

“Really? Shary?” said I while looking at the middle one from the group.

“I don’t like to share.” said lifting his shoulders.

“I see… But what are you guys doing here?”

“We try… to collect… I mean, we try, but mostly we’ll give up.”

“To collect what?”

“Bottles, no?”

“Riiiiiight! And where do you encounter these problems?”

“What’s the deal with the sacks? And the colors?”

“Mmm… to collect means to preserve the non-renewable resources, and to reduce the usage of raw materials. As a consequence, if you collect more, the possibility to transform one product grows ten times more.”

“So, we have the possibility to become artists… I mean, to create.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Niiice. Tell me, how do we collect?”

“In the grey sack, we put used tissues, dirty packaging, dirty single-use plates, ashes (besides wood, coal burns well, too), crop residues (if they were treated with pesticide), painted or stained wood.”

“That’s all?”

“Of course not! In the yellow sacks, we put paper and cardboard, metal and plastic… in the green sack, we put glass (without the lid), jars (without the lid), glass packaging from cosmetical products, etc. However, without light bulbs, neon, or window glass. The black sacks are used for sawdust, hay, straw, plant debris (leaves, branches, flowers), home plants, pieces of wood, newspapers, pieces of cardboard (wet and dirty ones), and paper tissues.

Fearless was looking at Shary, who was looking at me, but I was gazing at Ice-Cream who tried to remember all the colors. I really appreciate that, and I feel that it fills me up with happiness.

“I can take this information further if you don’t mind…” said Shary with slight emotion built up in his voice.

“This tells a lot about you, Shary. Indeed, it is essential to share information; everybody needs that. Recycling, too, is a key element for collection. We should understand that sometimes… or always that man sacrifices the place.”

“So, my Nature is yours, too?” asked me Ice-Cream with a profound gaze, which makes me think about all the secrets hidden inside the humans without their knowledge.

“Yes, my Nature is yours, too. Actually, whatever you do will find a way to come back.”

However, this was not all…

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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