Wasterminator, the hero among us – About art and recycling (Chapter III)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – About art and recycling (Chapter III)


* In the world of art the insane and the blind believers are welcomed. I don’t choose to tolerate, I choose something more, I choose to believe. Before tolerating any kind of diversity, one must believe in themselves.*

I’m gazing at this wall for more than 20 minutes. I want… but I cannot understand this drawing, which is filled with all sorts of symbols and I cannot figure out its meaning. Okay, it will be hard to figure out its meaning, but there must be something, which should be known.

Actually, here’s something I could decipher: “I WRITE ON WALLS AND CEILINGS/ TO BE UNDERSTOOD IN BOLD.”

I can hear two voices behind my back and without turning back I listen:

– Do you think he’ll like it?

– I don’t know, it was your idea!

– Yeah, but you draw it!

– So what? You’re the one who’s good at drawing!

– Yeah, but you are the one who is great at imagining SUPRANATURAL stuff! WHO’LL UNDERSTAND OUR DRAWING?

– Not a big deal; it’s the Earth which cannot breathe, almost sick in a plastic bag filled with glasses, pet bottles, tissues, and home appliances. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT SOMEONE WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND  IT! BOY, what do you think about the drawing?

I turn towards this group, which has a different temperament, but still talented.
I see a girl with green and blue paint on her hand and in her hair, but the boy is fully covered with those colors.

– Hmm… I think it is an amazing drawing. I figured it out after hearing your conversation; I’m sorry that I eavesdropped. But, the story of the drawing is impressive. It’s within the recycling theme.

The girls turn excited to the boy:
– I told you that someone will figure it out. We want to support recycling in a different way. However, we need more help… and information.

I can help. Recycling is, in a way, art, just like how you do it. Here, some of the waste can be transformed into something unique or even helpful. Some objects can go through recycling over and over again. Some are easy to recycle. However, some cannot be recycled. It is important to remember that we don’t recycle: paper cups and dirty cardboard. For instance, a ton of recycled paper can save up to 17 trees. We should pay attention to differentiate trash and its method of recycling, for example, cardboards. Unlike other materials, that one cannot be recycled endlessly. Also, another very crucial piece of information about paper is that when recycling a ton of paper one can save 26 tons of water and almost 1,8 tons of fuel.
– If I understood well, we save Earth through us!
– You save us, seen as a big picture. I think your drawing touches on an ongoing theme. Not everyone could understand that we are not forced to live within something toxic, or without recycling. For example, the glass can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties, because it cannot be transformed only through melting. Actually, it is one of the most favored products in the energy-saving due to the fact that the costs are much lower than when producing glasses. Quite profitable, right?
– But what happens if we have more metals to recycle than paper and glass?
– Even better. Metals can be recycled up to 95%; aluminum can be totally recycled, just like in the case of glass, its recycling is actually cheaper than producing it.
– You know… you, whatever your name may be, I’ll name you the Recycler; people need motivation, something which could wake up their curiosity. We chose this type, but some people call us crazy, but others choose to tolerate us… this is our way of pulling a signal.
– Can I write too on the left f your drawing?’
– Sure.

It may sound ridiculous, but forbearance appears only when we are truly able to embrace it. Art is recycling, feelings can be recycled! Can you imagine how much energy do we save by tolerating instead of hating?

I’m happy that on that wall is engraved forever: THOSE WHO ARE INSANE ARE NOT INSANE!


Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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