Wasterminator, the hero among us – Circular Economy (Chapter IV)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – Circular Economy (Chapter IV)

We are still young because we are not prepared for adulthood.

“I will emphasize change. Why? Because that’s what I wish. Your change will leave a mark on my heart. I mean in my whole existence.”

I don’t know why, but I am passionate about humans. However, I am not sure if I am as beautiful for you as well, but you live among them. I’m not. They are always joyful, giving a voice to their sentiments and emotions with gestures. Even when they are crying, and the teardrops are flowing down their faces, they still claim to be powerful. What the scene!

I enjoy taking walks in non-polluted, or at least, taken care of, places. The surroundings need to be in harmony with your spirit’s state;…I don’t want to feel horrible in an environment filled with waste… we would all pay for such a thing…

A kid was running with light-peed towards me, and I felt that he will sweep off my feet… wow! A real hurricane! I don’t even understand what is he talking about. Instead, I notice his clothing, his t-shirt is filled with plastic elements, and a net that brings out his childish features…Something must be going on…

Too many people are decorated with recycling elements;…I even saw a dress divided into plastic and textile,…which looks better than it sounds. Believe me!

Today may be the day of recycling en masse? Superhero, Waste!

So that you understand what I see, these people are going and coming from that park filled with recycled goods. What the idea of this project? When a product is at the end of its life, its material is kept by the economy as many times as possible. They are reused again and again, creating an additional value.1 What are we talking about? The circular economy is different from the traditional, linear economy (that one is based on take-make-use-throw away). This model is based on large quantities of cheap and accessible material and energy. Its advantage? The consumer will have a durable and innovational product, which will benefit their life quality and it could help to save money in the long run.

The whole park was filled with all kinds of entertainment (recycled ones); all kinds of plastic decorations and all types of machinery built from reused items. For instance, these little cars are made from different items which had similar lives. They are amazing! But, I CANNOT LOOK AWAY FROM THIS WHEEL.

– HEY! YOU WANNA RIDE?’ the smile of the stranger makes me want to accept, but I am quite skeptical that it won’t break with me.
– Let’s ride. What could we lose?
– Let me tell you what would you lose: entertainment!
– But how did you build this wheel? said I analyzing all the small metal pieces put together artistically.
– Hmm, it was more of teamwork. Everyone brought something or an idea. Everything was thoroughly planned. For example, the wood for the cabins; it was easy for us to get hold of wood remains from the fields and the remains of wood processing. However, the residue from constructions and demolition is somewhat harder to collect because wood can easily be contaminated. That’s the reason to avoid collecting wood treated with paint or varnish. When wood is brought to unities of capitalization, it is tested whether it is contaminated (with paint) or other unwanted materials2. However, aluminum, which we have enough of, in comparison with plastic, can be recycled to the infinite without losing its quality3.
– Sorry, but this thing is moving without electricity?
– Of course… not. We recycled copper cords because copper can be found in illuminating materials, TVs, digester, telephones, washing machines, fridges, computers, railways; we can claim that we are enjoying electricity due to the presence of copper. Copper cords are meant to carry the energy from the battery to the types of machinery (headlights, on-board computers, etc.). So, we created a small team of engineers, without realizing it. Or at least, without wanting one.

Youngsters, we are still not ready for adulthood.

– They are so good in their work… this park is amazing! Full with useful things, which come from another life. The circular economy model shows the advantages of a new world. Just like in life, all systems have to have a purpose with the “existing sun” and to generate energy with renewable sources4.

I am not sure how much I  can be a hero, how much I can be a human; I don’t know if I do good or bad. But, I want to support you. In this park, I learned from them, they from me. Can all be concluded to learn or to believe? To say or to do? Did I born to be a hero or the humans will teach me how to be one?

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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