Wasterminator, the hero among us – Community (Chapter V)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – Community (Chapter V)

You shall love your neighbors as yourself.

Confession: On Heros’ Plantes, community means to be united. It’s a blessing to have a family, and I’m here to make them proud. The little Wasterminator won’t make you cry, mamma! But sometimes I give in because I get lost in being a hero and I become more human, which is a sign that I am. Maybe all humans are heroes; they face such hardships, they even could move mountains instead of facing themselves. 

So, let’s get to work.

I was searching for all the possibilities to gather funds with a message: “A community for the community”, yet all in vain. No one wanted to be part of my plan. Why did they not give me a chance for my trampoline? They could have reached Heros’ Planet… but guess what… humans are not so childish! This is how I ended up on the ledge. Their community is not that similar to mine. Or at least our ideas do not match. Nothing vanishes, just transforms. Recycling and the circular economy are going toe to toe detesting the traditional method of using after throwing away. So, yeah. It’s possible, we just need to want.

If only humans would contribute to this fund with recyclable things… I mean, do they have useless objects around the house? No? Tell me please yes! I mean, glass or cardboard, something! Just saying.

This is how I ended up, me (Wasterminator), going from door to door asking for things. It did not work, again! But, my recycling fair must work! I mean, they could bring something recyclable, that’s how everyone will win. Or, at least to recycle from home. We are free to do as we please. Standing alone in my fair some got to be more ambitious to help me. Lily’s grandmother made a basket out of pet bottles, and the little Lily made a container for pens. Terrific idea! More people started to help me, and that’s a start! 

After their initial some youngster groups came forward, others with their parents with used or recycled things to sell, and, of course, those who were more interested to buy were also important. Activities for the environment are a sure thing, docendo discimus. I know, and I am sure that my involvement made a difference, but their involvement meant the real change, which we should all understand. Other’s implications became rare and rare, which may discredit the possibility to get closer to each other. The environment is a soul, which should be kept alive.

After all, we gathered enough materials to keep the environment healthy. 

P.s.: Carelessness can kill. All members of a community shall contribute, who shall change because of their love from their surroundings and also for the surrounding itself. However, change can be hard. It is harder to be careless than to get involved.

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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