Westerminator, the Hero Among Us – Donate me Your Soul (Chapter VI)

Westerminator, the Hero Among Us – Donate me Your Soul (Chapter VI)

*I feel honored that you are reading this now. I feel honored that you let me lead your thoughts away from your problems and other disturbing things. Thank you that I can give you these healing words.*

– What do you mean dragons can fly? You want to joke on such a serious topic? The tiny twins: Anxious, and Brave were looking at me with their big and pure eyes. They are two boys around 14, who are quite passionate about weird things. From where I come from, Dragons are symbolic creatures of history; they fought with centaurs in the fires of Heros’ Planet, also, in front of the Planet gave a home for those without. Moreover, he won all the battles with the villains. He was a hero before any other hero. He is the piece of resistance in our history… I want to be like him. But, I am me, in another way, an archetype…
– Nice story Waste; but you know, we don’t have centaurs, right?
– Of course, I know that, Brave.
– Okay. After you finish your discussion, maybe you’ll help me out of this bush. What do you think?
– Sorry, but can I ask you, again, how did you end up there?
– Look, I was following my kite how people follow their dreams. Brave cried out after me: THE BUUUUUSH, but I started laughing thinking he was the one who ended up in a bush. However, in less than a second I ended up here; and now, I’m hurt and I don’t want to lose my kite. Please, save him because I am hopeless…

I was looking at brave, who already accepted his situation…

– Can you stop complaining, and get up?
– When problems come, you cannot get up…says in a dramatic tone Anxious.
– You know that you can get away from here, right?
– Yeah…
– What else can I help you with?
– Hmm… Mom has a campaign.’ says Anxious, who did not continue his phrase because Brave hit him and said:
– No, no. It’s fine. But thank you.
– Tell me, what’s the deal with your mom’s campaign? Brave, it’s a pleasure to help you.
– Mom has the campaign to collect funds. It is based on redirecting income taxes towards campaigns and donations, in the case of mom. She believes that all campaigns need to be supported at the beginning of their road.
– Indeed, it is essential. Non-profit organisations give more from their soul and work than profit.
– Weird, that’s what mom says, too.

Meeting the mother of this clever boy, Anxious, I realized that these people want change. Humans want to help other humans.

– It is about contributing for the benefit of the community. To support campaigns for nature, the environment, and everything that humans build. People don’t realize that we need to give, from time to time, in order to receive; saying so about circulation… humans give you attention, you don’t give art… A campaign is like a child, you need to feed it with intelligence, freedom and mostly help.

If you believe in the environment, then get involved!

In the end, I helped the mother of the twins, to share ideas about all that is involved in the community.

If you want to help me, donate me your soul. If you want me to grow, give me wings, and don’t tear them. One of the biggest miracles of life is: to be, to hear, to see, to walk, but most importantly to believe. There are not so many differences between my Planet and yours; I was born knowing from the start that I’ll be a hero. You, become one unknowingly that you are a hero. So, please, don’t forget. Save yourself, but don’t forget about others.

An eye for an eye can end up blinding each other.

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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