Wasterminator, the Hero Among Us – We are prosperity/luck, the starts and the shell (Chapter VII)

Wasterminator, the Hero Among Us – We are prosperity/luck, the starts and the shell (Chapter VII)

“I am dying of a wound that did not fit my body ready for wounds consumed words, paying a tribute of rays at the custom houses.” N. Stanescu

There is a cure, a Universal one. Maybe, you don’t believe me, but there are souls, enough, which struggle that they create reality from their fear. It is deeply engraved in our destiny, that no one could read it through a crystal globe or tarot cards. It was kneaded thousands of years ago and brought to all newborns. Even if you don’t think about the good souls, they think about you.


Human ideas do not stop surprising me. There are so many files filled with surprises, which, ironically, I won’t expose. Something in their way of treating nature is absent of finesse. Maybe, their attitude toward recycling would change, if they would put half of their imagination to work. But, let’s leave these… Do you know the causes of pollution?

Among the factors of pollution, we enumerate substances that are radioactive, chemical (DDT, Pb, Cd, Hg), residues of the petroleum industry, and of other kinds, which modifies the quality of waters, residues of drainpipes, varying organic residues, synthetic detergent form domestic and industrial activity. Also, the usage of remnant pesticides, organo-chlorine, smog, the irrational usage of chemical fertilizers domestic and animal residues excessively, and watering the plants with contaminated water, which originates from different industries.

Maybe you are curious how this influences our lives, water pollution? So, as was expected, it seriously affects us. You should understand me better!

Residues from the soil are washed with rain, which, accordingly, enters into the rivers. A big quantity of human waste residues, from the channeled cities, flows directly into the rivers. Synthetic detergents and insecticides change the water quality, affecting, in the end, the aquatic fauna. The deadly chemical substances can infiltrate into the soil, even entering the water sources under the surface. Water pollution of the seas and oceans can be effectuated through spilling fuel oil from ships (1l of petrol compromises 2 ml of water).
In the oxidizing pools, so-called biological pools (naturals or artificial), inter-conditions the activity of bacteria and algae. Under the actions of aerobic bacteria, organic complex substances decompose into CO2, H2O, NH3, etc. The obtained products can be used by the algae in the process of photosynthesis. The liberated oxygen is taken over by aerobic bacteria for oxidizing other substances from the pool.

To prevent air pollution, the following steps were taken:

 – Locating trash bins in special places, and transporting them in closed circumstances;
 – The creation of a green curtain around industrial places, which are responsible for air pollution;
 – Planting bushes and trees, extending parks, etc.;
 – Trash bins cant, at the units which generate large quantities of fumes and gases, etc.

About soil pollution, we can enumerate the causes of its degradation:

 – The incorrect usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which affect the organic mass in the soil, changes its structure, etc.;
 – All the factors from water, atmosphere pollution can enter the soil. It changes its mechanism and soil fertility;
 – The absence of work on the control of soil erosion;
 – The usage of irrational irrigation can lead to soil degradation.

I can tell you, that everything starts from you; you are the center of the environment. Because of this, WASTEIX wants to communicate to you about the purchase and installation of an intelligent recycling station. It is a center point in the interaction between human recycling and human communication.

Reverse vending machine.

Another method to give popularity and media attention to recycling ideas, through this campaign. The citizens are invited to participate as volunteers, in the name of greening. Distribution of stickers with the message: I RECYCLE TOO! IT DOESN’T SOUND BAD, RIGHT? The purpose of the movement will be to recycle 25 tonnes of waste. Beneficiaries? The volunteers, obviously.  You will gain, first of all, information, about, as we mentioned before, the art of recycling. Respect for the environment and the sustained transformation of the world into a better one.

Candor is an inborn virtue, but, sometimes we gain in through time.

Where the community exists, power exists.

Where power exists, kindness exists.

Where kindness exists, there is God. 

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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