Wasterminator, the hero among us – The Boomerang Law (Chapter VIII)

Wasterminator, the hero among us – The Boomerang Law (Chapter VIII)

“When tears touch the ground, it breaks and dissolves, after which it floods the ground to purify it. Each tear has its own desert since all endings have their beginning.”

Confession: whatever you do, it will come back. All debts are written in capital letters towards those who are close to you, towards yourself, and nature.

Today, I spent some time with old Tom; no, he is not elderly. He is a hero, just like me. Oh, I haven’t talked about him yet, right? I’m truly sorry. He is the one housing me here. He came to this planet a long time ago, he is the Peace Hero. He made alliances and created peace where war was ending lives. Uncle Tom has an air which only in the family can be found, something saint. That generosity makes you forget about the existence of evil.

– Child, who does not know his/her history, they may repeat it! said Tom looking with kindness into my eyes.
– But who doesn’t know themselves?
– He or she may risk repeating endlessly experiences until they discover their true selves. You see, my dear Wasty, we never discover ourselves. It’s a never-ending process, we’ll always surprise ourselves. Our souls do not have a shelf life, nor a decomposing time.
– Like packaging?
– Yes, little Wasty, exactly! I’m so sorry that I don’t know much about the decomposing time of packaging. In my time it was an unknown fact.
– Let me inform you then…

o   A core of an apple decomposes in two weeks, which is relatively short, right?

o   Cereal boxes and banana peels decompose in six weeks. You would assume that a banana peel would disappear almost instantly, but the truth is in cold times it may take even more than six weeks. Banana peels contain cellulose to protect the fruit; the same substance you can find in cellophane bags.

o   Plastic bags may take 10 and 20 years to decompose, some even a thousand years. New plastic bags are made so they decompose when exposed to sunlight; still, most plastic bags are made of refined petroleum, and the micro-organism cannot eat them.

o   It takes 50 years for tires, shoes, and coffee mugs to decompose.

75-80 years for a chips bag to disappear from Earth. In Britain, they discovered, not long ago, a chips bag from 1967 which looks as if it would have been thrown out last week. The metallic plastic is to blame.

o   Aluminum bottles (beer or soft drink ones) can take 200 years, some even 500 years. Besides it takes a long time to decompose, it is also dangerous for the wildlife who can get hurt easily.

o   One or two million years for glass jars to decompose, theoretically they can resist up to an unlimited period taking into consideration the fact that glass pieces created in a volcanic eruption millions of years ago still exist.  Glass has in its component silicon, one of the most resistant minerals from Earth, and that’s why they are indestructible when we talk about the environment1.

– We all know that waste affects the environment. But how exactly?
Improper handling of waste can add to climate change and atmospheric pollution, besides it affects numerous ecosystems and species. Landfills of waste, which should be considered as the last step, release methane, which is put concerning climate changes. Methane is formed of microorganisms present in the landfills, due to biodegradable waste, such as food, paper, and waste from gardens. In function how they are built, they can contaminate the soil and the waters as well. After the waste is collected, they are transported and treated. After they are transported, carbon dioxide is released into the air – the most prevailing greenhouse gas. A portion of the waste could be recycled or incinerated. The energy coming from waste could be used for heating and electricity, which could replace the energy created by carbons and other substances. The usage of waste in creating energy would contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. When recycled materials replace new materials, the necessity of extraction and production of new materials is decreasing2.
– Wasterminator, impressive! You became a real genius of the environment.
– I do what I can… still, you did not share your peace experience.
– We still have time, little Wasty. I forgot to tell you that heroes do not have an age.

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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