Wasterminator, the Hero Among Us- An invitation into Our World (Chapter IX)

Wasterminator, the Hero Among Us- An invitation into Our World (Chapter IX)

“I invite you into my world with hopes that you will accept. 

It wouldn’t be me if I would ask you to love it, but look at it so deep,

That you would forget that your heart is colored.”

“This world is greatly lost,

If you don’t live as you should.”

This story is worthy to be told, maybe I am only a character, but within the people I met here on Earth, I came alive.

I, Wasterminator, am the human you met this morning nudging and saying in a rush “Sorry!”. I am still the group of children that you passed by in a hurry not even looking at them. There stands all the power in the Univers, where Earth is rotating. But, I am that person who you helped when I did not feel like a hero. I am that person who did not want to stand up, so you set down next to that person and waited.

Every subject we touched upon created a connection between us…hmm, if we already mentioned those subjects, did you know that 75% of waste can be recycled, however, at the moment we recycle only 30%?1

Did you know?

– An ordinary car produces in a year 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide which evaporates into the atmosphere.

– An ordinary washing machine reduces one-third of electricity consumption if you wash at 40 degrees C rather than 60 degrees C.

– Plastic bags and other waste from the same material, thrown into the ocean, kill 1 million aquatic animals.

– One tonne of plastic means 20.000 pet bottles of 2 liters or 120.000 plastic bags2.

– Recycling one single aluminum can is equal to the amount of electricity used for television for three hours.

– If we recycle one tonne of paper, we save 17 trees, approximately 210.000 l of water, 3 cubic meters at the wastelands, 2 barrels of petrol, and 4.000 de kw/h electricity.

– Breathing polluted air can shorten your life by 1-2 years.

– The high level of pollution air in Beijing made it possible the appearance of a new illness, Beijing cough.

– 50% of energy is wasted on the phone chargers left in the outlet without the phone being connected to it.

Recycling became an important problem that should be solved for the salubrity of Earth. The scale of the situation can condition in a big part economical growth.

The Industrial Revolution from the 20th century, mostly at the end of the century when the industry, agriculture, and the consumption of goods increased, also increased the quantity of waste and residues. A phenomenon that is still growing even today3.

I hope you believe me, that your life is in your hands. You make it easy or complicated. Or maybe we complicate it in our desperate rush to exceed the time, but, what do you know… time will beat us at the finish. You cannot beat supernatural powers; time and life, when they set down at the table they made a deal and they did not tell us until today.

Translated by Alexandra Nagy
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